Lifestyle Audit and Consultations

Sherry Strong has been seeing clients with regard to their food and wellness education since 1993 inspiring, informing and helping people transform their lives into their highest expression possible.

Hippocrates said that all disease begins in the gut which has also been named our lower or second brain. Science is just now starting to unfold the mysteries of how what we eat impacts the entire body.

Sherry works whollistically with clients to find out what it is that is eating them and driving them to make food choices that may or may not be serving them. Using a combination of diagnostic tools and exploration and interpretation of your eating habits and foods not to mention ‘how’ you eat to determine where you are realistically, where you would like to be and how to get there based on your lifestyle and way of doing life.

Consultations involve;

Step One:

Filling out a food diary and health assessment electronically or scanning a food diary form and returning to Sherry. This should collectively take you about 1 hour.

Step Two:

Meeting with Sherry via Skype, phone or in person depending on location. In this meeting Sherry will gather any other information as required, report her findings, give you intuitive feedback as well and design a plan to start you in the direction of optimal health. (around 45 min)

Step Three:

One week after your consult, Sherry will call you to check in and monitor your progress, make any revisions as needed and offer advice if needed. (around 20 min)


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