Program Outline: Jiivala Holistic Entrepreneurship Program

the business helping others…

Orientation Day

This is where the visioning and planning work begins so that you have a focus on where you are going and what you’d like to create based on the life you wish to live.

Identify and curate your passion into a career and source of income

  • Week One
  • Return to Food Culinary Intensive – Part One

1.5 hours theory each morning, the rest of the day is in the kitchen in food preparation.

  • Learn to Cook and Prepare Food Holistically
  • Learn about food
  • The Return to Food Principles
  • Where our Food Comes From
  • How to source and procure high quality food
  • How to teach what you are learning in a way that people get it and are inspired to make changes
  • The Holistic Kitchen
  • How to Cook
  • Conscious Eating
  • Ethical Omnivorism
  • Plant Centric Diets
  • Holistic Palaeolithic Diet
The first week of the course is very much about the basics in the kitchen, setting up a holistic kitchen, foundational recipes with a strong emphasis on plant food recipes as this is what the world needs most now. We will cover and prepare raw food, vegan food, grain free, high plant food focussed with a view to recipes you will not only teach others but will become staples of your kitchen and one’s you’ll love to share with your friends and families.

Week Two

Return to Food Culinary Intensive – Part Two

  • Starters in the morning
  • Snacks
  • Smoothies & Juicing
  • Salads
  • Sprouting
  • Soups
  • StirFries
  • Sweets
  • Fermentation
  • Sprouting
  • Dairy Alternatives
  • Navigating Grains in a Holistic Kitchen
  • Pulses

Soy Considerations

  • If You are Going to eat Meat, Then What?
  • Make Your Medicines and Pick Your Poisons
  • Removing Judgement and Guilt from Eating
  • Transitioning your Clients with the Replace Principle

1.5 hours theory each morning, the rest of the day is in the kitchen in food preparation.

Week Three

The Mesmerizing Speaker – How to present in a crystal clear way that engages and inspires people

  • Learn to Teach, speak and present on your area of passion
  • Find your own unique voice
  • Find your philosophy and turn it into income
  • Earn a great living helping people improve their lives
  • Cooking and speaking – “the art of rubbing your tummy and patting your head”
  • Bringing all of you into what you do
  • Presenting as a Whole Person – owning your disowned parts
  • Presenting on camera and on television
  • The Anatomy of a Perfect Presentation
  • Humour in Speaking – expert guest presenter from USA
  • Multiple Platforms for getting your message out
  • Selling your Speaking Comfortably

Week Four

The Business Plan – a useable functional business plan in by the time the course is completed.

  • Online, live and physical
  • Lead Generation
  • Time Management
  • Website Development
  • Wisdom in Business
  • Joint Venturing & CoCreating Products
  • Prophet for Profit Based Coaching
  • Lifestyle Design

Product creation

  • Create a salable product by the end of the course
  • Create a product and business plan that you leave the program ready to create an income with.
  • Create a product you are proud of and will help people live better lives that is as good for the planet.
  • Enlightened Networking (that doesn’t make you cringe) – expert guest presenter from Australia
  • Marketing Online – guest expert presenter
  • The Power and Skill of Blogging – guest expert presenter

Investment Structure

Each week of the mentorship program is $1500 + HST
Non-scholarship Students paying upfront for all four weeks are given a $1000 discount. $5000 for the four weeks paid up front.

Scholarship students will be required to pay $1000 toward their education unless sincere financial hardship is established and in the event of this they will be asked to contribute a portion of their Pay it Forward service to Jiivala.

Preference is given to those paid students who are committing to all 4 weeks and then to scholarship recipients.

The first intake of 2013 in February is limited to 20 people.

Classes will be a mix of;

  • theory
  • practical
  • workshop

You will have homework to do in the evening and weekends, you will have spare time throughout the month but be prepared to work.
There will also be optional outings to farmers markets, inspirational movie nights and joint venture jams.

We are securing World Class Guest Experts in different areas of expertise as we build the program and this may create a variance in the curriculum but be assured it will be for the betterment of the program.

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