Application to Participate in the Jiivala Holistic Entrepreneurship Program

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Canada V6A 4L1

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for entry, applicants must provide:
Evidence of passion for this area of study.
Evidence of a desire to build a business in the Holistic area.

A 2-page typed and double-spaced essay on why you are interested in this program. Please also include;
What your personal vision for your life is.
What skills and education you’ve received along the way
Anything that appeared to be a detour that has taken you away from your path.
Any gifts, talents and passions you’ve developed or denied yourself.
Areas you most wish to gain knowledge and wisdom from the program.

You must be the kind of person who accepts responsibility for your behaviour and your part for your life circumstances. If you are still carrying a victim mentality the program will be too challenging for you. If you are ready to become response able this program will delight you and give you the tools and inspiration to move forward toward your dreams.

Capacity to dream and work toward your dreams.

Ability to learn and take instruction, a level of humility but still feel good enough about yourself to know that you have great value to add to the world. The ability to push through when it gets difficult, knowing the benefits that come from doing that.

The Jiivala Holistic Entrepreneur Mentorship Program is not a certification program and there is no designation from completing this course. Your reward is in the knowledge practical skills and wisdom you accrue as well as the guidance in your chosen path. This is practical information and how to, to set up your business, educate yourself in holistic food preparation so that you can teach others. This course can be taken purely for the purpose of setting up a not for profit or gift program or with a view to building an empire.

The education is designed to give you practical skills so that you can teach others how to eat and live holistically. It is expressly designed to have you get into your own business immediately after completing the class so that you can in turn learn as you go and be inspired by each effort, failure to learn from or success to be savoured.

Sherry Strong does not carry any designation except being a self proclaimed Holistic Entrepreneur. She does not wish to create a learning institution burdened down my bureaucracy but simple offer the best information and inspiration she’s come across to help you build your business faster and better than she did herself. Sherry will invite esteemed colleagues who she admires, are experts in their fields relevant to the parts of the curriculum developed.

Simply put, people are drawn to study at Jiivala so they can do what Sherry has done but in their own unique way according to their own unique skill set, life path and self appointed destiny. There is no woo woo intended in this. It is about developing knowledge of how to teach others to get back into their kitchens so that they can help others reverse conditions brought on my eating processed chemicalized food by helping them bring real food into their lives through the kitchen.

Payment Options

To secure your place in the program a $1000 deposit is required. This payment is deducted from the total tuition and the outstanding balance is to be paid by electronic funds transfer to the designated Jiivala Enterprises Ltd account.

All tuition invoices/receipts are e-mailed, unless requested otherwise.
Full-Time Intensive Program (One Month)
February 1, 2013 to March 1, 2013
Monday – Friday, 10:00am – 5:00pm + some excursions to the Farmers Market and additional inspirational activities, ie off campus lectures and inspirational movie nights to be disclosed on the Orientation day February 1, 2013.

Plan A
$1000 Deposit to secure your place in the program
Payment in full of $4000 + HST for the complete program (which is the reduced tuition less $1000 deposit) is due by December 31, 2012

Plan B
$1000 Deposit to secure your place in the program
First installment due on December 31st, 2012: $2,150 + HST
Second Installment of $2,150 is due January 30, 2013

Plan C
3 installments + deposit
$1000 Deposit to secure your place in the program
First installment is due December 31, 2012. $1,550 + HST
Second Installment $1,550 + HST is due January 30, 2013
Third Installment $1,550 + HST is due February 28, 2013

In the event you are awarded a scholarship you will be refunded all monies except for the $1000 deposit which is required for all students without exception.

Refund Policy

Firstly, If you are not completely satisfied with the program or the delivery at anytime, you must make this known immediately to Sherry and her team.

Refunds after completing weeks one and two cannot be refunded but you can retake the course in the future from the point in which you left off. If you wish to repeat what you’ve already covered you will need to pay in full for that portion.

If you are not happy with the program and do not feel it is the right fit for you we will refund your money less the $1000 deposit. This is to cover the administration and material costs for the program as well as any losses due to other people missing out on a space in the program. You will be able to use that deposit toward any courses in the future at Jiivala, less materials cost.

Books, groceries and admin costs will be subtracted from your deposit.
Jiivala reserves the right in the instance you leave or are dismissed from the program after 33% of course/period of instruction has elapsed, 40% of the tuition will be refunded.

Scholarship recipients are not able to request a refund of scholarship monies but can get their deposit back if they revoke their participation before 30 days before the commencement of the program.

Application: Jiivala Holistic Entrepreneurship Program

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