Jiivala’s Vision

Jiivala – “bringing the healing power of nature into the home”

In all the confusion of what to eat, when to eat and how much there are a couple of things that ring true to my core that I feel would make deciding what to eat easy. After over 25 years of being fascinated and confounded by food and nutrition I will attempt to share the distillation of reading hundreds of books, articles and authorities on the subject matter.

What I know for sure; (borrowing from the Big O, and I mean big spiritually)

Air is or primary nutrient that starved of for minutes we will die. The cleaner & fresher the air the better we feel.

Water is our second most primary nutrient that if deprived of for days we will die unless you are a breatharian but I must say ‘why would you want to be?’ The cleaner & fresher the water the better we feel.

Vegetation is the third most primary source of nutrients and contains all we need to survive and be healthy. The cleaner, fresher and most naturally sourced vegetation I eat, the better we feel.

Jiivala is focused on the premise that the ‘the cleaner, fresher and most naturally sourced water & plant matter we consume, the better we will feel. From my work over the last 20 years I’ve observed that people would benefit from drinking cleaner, fresher water and eating cleaner, fresher and naturally sourced vegetation. There is a great lack in this area.

Jiivala is devoted to;

  • inspiring you to drink the cleanest water you can possibly access through online education and in person shows to provide the information and tools.
  • inspiring you to eat the most naturally sourced vegetables and fruits in the way nature intended, nutrient rich, whole and closest to their natural form as possible.

We are inspired to inspire you to take the delicious path to hyper nourishing your and your families bodies, minds and spirits.

Helping you to hop off the treadmill of processed, denatured and addictive foods that harms your body and replacing this with life giving foods that reverse the cycle of addiction, premature aging, nutritional deficiency, nutritional toxicity and ensuing lifestyle related conditions & diseases such as energy deficiency, obesity, depression, diabetes and heart disease.

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