Holistic Cooking Classes at Jiivala

Why Holistic Cooking Classes?

According to the http://www.thefreedictionary.com holistic is defined as;

ho·lis·tic adj.

1. Of or relating to holism.

a. Emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts.
b. Concerned with wholes rather than analysis or separation into parts: holistic medicine; holistic ecology.

holistic [həʊˈlɪstik]

1. (Philosophy) of or relating to a doctrine of holism

2. (Medicine) of or relating to the the medical consideration of the complete person, physically and psychologically, in the treatment of a disease

So Much More than Wholefood Cooking…

Wholefoods, Yes + Holistic Thinking + Conviviality + Kitchen Wisdom.

Cooking classes at Jiivala are all about bringing life back into food for the benefit of all parts of your body and environment. We believe that what is good for the environment is good for the body and what is good for the body is good for the environment. When we source our food, eat and prepare it with this in mind a wonderful confluence of beautiful things happens, taking the art of cooking and eating to a whole new level.

Classes are not just simply about information and learning new skills, so much more is incorporated for a ‘holistic experience’ that has students raving about the classes. With more that 25 years experience cooking and teaching people to cook, Sherry Strong will literally open up a new beautiful way to look at food and holistic living.

Upcoming Classes

Wake Up to Wellness

This 4 Hour class will be held on 3 different dates:
November 4, 10 & 18, 2012
10am – 2pm
Demonstration Class
Class capacity 12
This 4 hour, 6 recipe cooking class with samples as part of the day sells out fast and is the most amazing value. Recipes include all organic mixture of raw, cooked vegan dishes. This is not a ‘vegetarian’ seminar but all the recipes happen to be vegan and the focus is on inspiring people to eat a broader base of plant foods.

What you get;

  • Essential guide to setting up a holistic kitchen
  • Recipes and note pages
  • 6 course demonstration and tasting
  • Water & Hydration Workshop
  • Salt Workshop
  • Oil Workshop
  • Smoothie workshop
  • Tips for getting greens into your diet deliciously
  • Sprouting to Composting workshop
  • Guide to shopping seasonal, local, organic & whole on a budget
  • Clarity on how raw food fits into a holistic way of preparing food
  • Guide to getting the highest quality of protein, including the best animal sources.
  • The AntiDiet permanent weight loss approach featuring the philosophies from Return to Food – How going back is the way forward to reverse lifestyle diseases.

What you’ll get;

  • Digital copy of the 7 Smoothies for Life DVD with every booking (sells online for $37)
  • 7 Recipes for Life ebook (sells online for $17)
  • $25 off any future classes booked on the day.
  • amazing well rounded understanding of what to eat to nourish, energise and protect your body.
Investment $195 for the one day program. Book Now!

The Holistic Kitchen

This weekend workshop will take place on November 23 & 24, 2012 10am – 4:00pm
Demonstration and Hands On
Class capacity 12

This two day weekend workshop incorporates everything you need to know about setting up a kitchen that sets you up to live the healthiest life for you.

What You’ll Get/Learn;

  • The Foodlover’s Pantry Essentials
  • Demonstration Recipes
  • Hands On instruction
  • Irresistible Greens workshop
  • Sprouting, fermenting and preserving
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and sweet recipes prepared and tasted
  • Soups,
  • Salads,
  • Stir fry’s
  • Stews & Grains
  • Sweets
  • Sprouting
  • Snacks
  • Smoothies

What you’ll get;

Jiivala Organic Hemp Apron
‘Return to Food’ Illustrated tea towel
Recipes and notes with 28 additional menu ideas on top of recipes
A holistic knowledge base
The food in your belly from the tastings

Investment $345

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7 Smoothies for Life Class

November 1st, 2012  6:30 to 8:30pm
Demonstration Class
Class capacity 20

Learn the power of smoothies to incorporate powerful plant foods into your day.

You’ll learn how to;

  • make smoothies taste great while getting maximum nutritional bang for your buck.
  • how to use the right combinations for maximum taste and digestion
  • find quick ways to throw your smoothies together in lightening speed
  • use smoothies to cleanse and detox
  • discover powerful concentrated superfood ingredients that will make your smoothies even more powerful

Includes tastings and 7 Smoothies for Life Digital DVD (sold online for $37)

Investment $65

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Quick & Easy Meals for Busy People

November 15th, 2012  6:30 to 9pm
Demonstration Class
Class capacity 12

Want to be able to come home and whip up a meal in 30 minutes that tastes great, makes you feel amazing and with little clean up time? This is the class for you where Sherry shares here most delicious, nutritious recipes that make up most of her meals at home but are so good guests love them.

What you’ll get;

Recipes and notes
List of the healthiest must haves for you pantry to whip up meals in minutes
Tastings and a belly full of yummy super quick meals

Investment: $115

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The Holistic Paleo Kitchen

4 consecutive Thursday evenings 6:30 to 9pm
November 8, 15, 23, 30th, 2012
Demonstration and Hands On
Class capacity 12

There is a healthy way to go Paleo and an unhealthy way. In the Jiivala kitchen you are going to learn the healthiest way to do the Paleo Diet with ultimate respect to your body and your environment. Sherry has worked with some of the healthiest, fittest and high performing Paleo dieters and athletes in the world. She’s seen the difference in diet and performance when you do the Paleo diet correctly and will share her insights as well as recipes to make it all taste amazing.

What you’ll get;

Jiivala Organic Hemp Apron
‘Return to Food’ Illustrated tea towel

Recipes and notes with 28 additional menu ideas on top of recipes

The food in your belly from the tastings
A holistic knowledge base

Investment: $495

Buy Now

For the Holistic Entrepreneur…..

Get Published: Writing for Holistic Health Professionals

Teacher: Sondi Bruner

6 Classes 2.5 hour classes starting Tuesday November 6, 13, 20 27, Dec. 4, 11

Class capacity 20

This interactive, workshop-style course uses the fundamental principles of journalism as a
springboard for exploring a multitude of writing styles that will enhance your business. You’ll
learn the basics of article writing and reporting, as well as how to write editorials, features,
profiles, newsletters, blog posts and website content.

Content includes:

  • How to use regular newsletters to increase sales
  • How to write blog content that will sell you and your business
  • How to write web content that will grow your website traffic and sales
  • How to write persuasively and establish yourself as an expert in your field
  • How to write engaging stories that will compel your audiences to take action
  • How to develop story ideas and angles, and how to find markets for your writing

Investment: $345

About the instructor:

Sondi Bruner is a freelance writer, food blogger and holistic nutritionist with nearly a decade
of journalism experience. Her work has appeared in a variety of publications, including Health
Action Magazine, The Vancouver Sun, The Vancouver Province, The Toronto Star, Xtra West,
CharityVillage.com, Vancouver Foundation Magazine, and more. Her blog, The Copycat Cook, receives more than 1,000 page views daily, and she has grown the site’s traffic exponentially since 2009. You can find her online at www.sondibruner.com, or on Twitter @sondibruner.

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