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Business is life and life is business, how you do one impacts the other. No longer is the phrase “it’s not personal, it’s just business, ” acceptable.

There is a global shift happening and the business world is directly affected. If you work for a or are creating a business where what matters to the company’s ideals jives with you, where the work you do has great meaning. You are part of this shift and you no doubt get a great sense of satisfaction out of what you do and what you are a part of. Sadly, in the early stages of this shift there are few people experiencing this, many are awakening to this, yet the majority are feeling a deep sense of something missing or a discomfort without exactly knowing why. They may have a great job from all appearances and even feel guilty that they don’t fully appreciate all they have. The ‘somethings missing’ piece is a big one that until we find what really matters to us, becomes the vehicle to bring meaning to what we do and ultimately our purpose. The little ‘something’s missing’ bell tends to tingle and appears to distract us. In truth it is guiding us to find our purpose.

How do I find my purpose? The question is a big one, (I’m known for asking big questions) but the answer may not be as hard to answer as you might think. Often the answer comes to you in stages as if it is a game or a clever way of preparing you for the next step.

What I’ve both witnessed and experienced is that our purpose lies in following what matters to us and discovering what brings meaning to our lives. It needn’t be grandiose either. I truly feel that there is no dream more or less important than another when it comes from the right place. I started out with a grandiose vision of wanting to change the way the world eats. At a Date with Destiny event I asked Tony Robbins how do I follow this vision that seems SO overwhelming and he told me to start with feeding one person and then work up from there. To be honest, I didn’t take his words to heart immediately, my ego wanted a grander answer to match my grand purpose. But he was spot on right.

The answers rarely come in a blindingly clear vision. They tend to come more in a feeling, a strong thought, a simple idea and through words that come out of your mouth in conversation that you didn’t know were actually in you, but the moment they came out, the felt just right.

If you asked me 10 years ago if I’d be facilitating others having their own tv show, writing their books, developing their businesses and living out their dreams or doing that myself for myself, I would have thought I was destined for the latter. I could not have seen then the level of meaning what I’m doing now would bring to my life, how deeply it matters. The irony is, that my grandiose vision wasn’t so unattainable, it was just that I needed a shift in perspective and help, lots of help, I could not do it on my own and now with facilitating others greatness and dreams, thousands more lives will be impacted than I ever possibly could on my own.

Sometimes in the discovery of what we are meant to be doing it requires a risk of taking a path our ego may not have directed us to. It is not the grandiose thoughts that are egoic. I say, go grandiose but as Tony guided me, start with one person you can help with today. Consider doing it in a way that matters and brings meaning to your life. Then watch, listen and observe carefully where your intuition next guides you to.

Goethe 2

The process is exciting, exhilarating, exhausting and extraordinary. As Goethe says ‘“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” One thing I know for sure is that not doing it always leads to regret. My intuition is that when you pursue what gives your life meaning, what really matters to you, not only will you live without regret but will in fact live a life more extraordinary than you presently can imagine. Come on, go for it!

With love,


Please feel free to leave comments or answer the following questions;

What matters the most to you?

What brings meaning to your life?

What one person can you help feed* today?
Note: *Feeding/nourishment can come in the form of thoughts, feelings, wisdom, listening, caring and compassion.

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