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If You Desire to do Something Meaningful with Your Life…

Could Becoming a Successful Holistic Entrepreneur be the Answer?

It is possible this upcoming free webinar is just for you and could change your life & your world.

Do you ever feel doubts about whether you can do something truly amazing with your life?

Do you ever get lost wondering where to start to fulfill your dreams?

Do you dream of being a respected leader in your field that is able to provide answers and solutions to people in need?

Do you get stuck in overwhelm wondering how you are going to do what it is you need to do to get to where you want to be?

Would you like to overcome this?

Do you want to give back to the world, to be the change you wish to see and help in your own unique, amazing, loving way?

Have you ever thought that you have something special to bring to the world, that you are destined to contribute to the world in such a way that your life matters and you actually can live your life to the fullest and give all of your gifts?

Would you like to create high quality products and or programs that people love, that truly help them and they are thrilled to buy from you?


Do you love the thought that you can do what you love and be paid well for it, that money is not an issue and you have a constant flow of abundance and the freedom that it brings?

Trust me, it is possible. I’ve had all these thoughts, questions and doubts I’ve listed and more. I also know I also have the ability to help you get there faster and with less pain than I did.

This webinar is designed to give you insights on how to serve the world naturally and be abundantly rewarded for it.

In this session you are going to learn about the option of creating your own job, business and source of income by building a business that helps people and the planet. If you dream of the freedom that comes from carving your own path but want to explore it from an informed position then this session is for you.

Sherry Strong is delivering a month long Holistic Entrepreneurship program at Jiivala starting in September 2013. As part of this session, she will discuss the program and how you can obtain a scholarship or sponsorship deal to attend.

Save Wednesday June 19th 7pm in your diary. Sign up now using this link to insure your place. Click here now to Register. 

Becoming a Holistic Entrepreneur

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If you have a dream, you want to be a leader and star in this industry then don’t miss this session. Sherry Strong is devoted to helping you tap into something greater than yourself….your Destiny.

Check out what graduates have to say and are doing since the program; Testimonials

What is a Holistic Entrepreneur and how does it differ to being a regular Entrepreneur?

Discover the Good the Bad and the Ugly about entrepreneurism and how managing Belief, Fear and Doubt is integral to your success + a whole lot more.

Right now there are only 9 spaces left in the Jiivala Holistic Entrepreneurship program starting September 2, 2013, find out why you need to be there. Insure your spot so you can join us and start tapping into something greater than yourself….Your Destiny!


Do you have any questions for Sherry?

Ask Sherry Wednesday June 19th 7pm & sign up now using this link to insure your place. Register by clicking this link now

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