Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.

water illustration by Sherry Strong

illustration by Sherry Strong

Although the planet is covered in water about 70%, less that 2% is fresh drinkable water and that small percentage is at risk due to misuse and poisoning through pollution and the deliberate act of adding toxic substances to drinking water under the guise of sanitation and hygiene.

Water is a catalyst for every single biological function of the body, without proper hydration the body cannot survive, every vital organ starts to fail, with rare exceptions of Bretharians (people who survive on extracting moisture from the air alone to survive) which I always ask why would you want to do that?

I grew up like most drinking water from the tap, never particularly enjoying it and for the first 25 years of my life never bought a bottle of water. When I wanted a drink it was usually non-hydrating liquids like soft drinks, bottled juices from concentrate, cordial infused water and let’s not forget alcohol. My first recollection of bottled water was from photos of celebrities disembarking from airplanes with bottles of Evian, which to this day is one of my least favourite bottled waters not just for the taste but the global saturation of the market sending water around the world with a great footprint in transport and packaging.

Slowly after tiring of the taste of tap water and learning how municipalities were treating tap water to sanitize and medicate it with industrial fluoride I did move to become a consumer of bottled water seeking out local brands that I liked the taste of. I was even invited to be on a tasting panel for the Herald Sun where I was able to vent my particular bias toward Evian. So my education and search for great water started in 1993, I moved from bottles to several types of water filters, then to rain water and finally to spring water.

I remember my first taste of water from a stream when I was a child. I thought it was a really weird thing to do when my mother insisted we stop the car going through the Canadian Rockies to taste water from a stream. Amazing to think I was such an industrialized child that I thought drinking from a stream was unnatural. The memory of that experience was an epiphany. The sweetness of the clean cool liquid was like drinking ‘life force’. The memory alone is energizing. Do you have those memories that at the time, you don’t get it, but they do change your life, like the first time I tasted a tomato sauce for pasta made with fresh tomatoes or the first time as a little girl going to my great grandmothers and seeing a pot of soup made from scratch being very reticent to trying it and slurping up every last bit of it and asking for more.

Water being a catalyst for every single biological function of the body is our second most primary nutrient to air. I know now how different the body feels when it is hydrated properly and can even feel a difference when I drink spring water from the spring to how the same water in my bottle tastes and feels hours after it has been drawn from the source.

We are just beginning to learn of the elaborate and intricate nature to water, that it is a living structure with capacities that we are not fully at this stage able to fully comprehend, like the work of Masuro Emoto that seems to allude to water being a carrier of energies whose images of crystal patterns once samples of water is frozen is mind blowing, I was stunned for days after seeing the images in his book of beautiful snowflake designs from water exposed to positive messages, thoughts and music and blotched mottled patterns from water exposed to negative messages. His work is highly controversial and never been successfully replicated outside his laboratory yet it still alludes to something we may not yet be able to prove but sense.

This is the dilemma of running our bodies based on science over trusting our senses. Our bodies our infinitely more intelligent than our minds, we run millions of functions without thinking about it daily and when our intuition indicates that we should or should not do something and we override it with our thinking that we should do otherwise because of external information we are fighting a greater knowing and wisdom in our body.

I am fortunate to live not far from a park that has an artisan spring where I can get my drinking water directly from the source and feel inadequate to be able to put words to how it makes me feel but assure you it is worth seeking out. As with food, I invite you to taste and feel the difference that water ‘life force’ from a spring, can make to your body.

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