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girl with bee

girl with bee by Sherry Strong

When it comes to Nourishing Your Body… people often feel they are getting a deal with more food, this is the mentality of the Lethal Recipe, a mentality that is making us sick, fat, tired and unhappy. The cheap food that fills our supermarket carts, that litters ‘all you can eat’ buffets and you can buy volumes of for pennies from a drive through window to eat in the privacy of your car, not only leaves you hungry or ‘peckish’ moments after it is consumed, is now being exposed as poor value when you put it beside its nutrient rich unprocessed naturally grown counterparts. Nutrient for nutrient processed food is poor value.

The typical processing common to all processed foods called ‘junk food’ is about buying based on price, so chemicals and synthetic fertilizers are used growing the food, now drugs are not only being used in on farmed animals but on plants, then the ingredients are subjected to many stages including chemical extraction, high heat (which changes and compromises their molecular structure), then there is the removal of nourishing and protective nutrients (these living elements are removed to increase shelf life), the taste less food is then masked with chemical and highly processed flavourings to make you eat something that if you ate it before flavouring you would spit out because of the natural taste compounds have been removed, then many chemical preservatives are used to increase shelf life often along with refined sugars and salts. You can eat a volume of this food and because the body is not being nourished and getting the building blocks that help it do its job it signals, to ‘feed me more, I’m not getting what I need!’

This is a highly simplistic explanation of complex and mind boggling processes that go on in the food industry that essentially are about denaturing the food, removing nutrients to increase shelf life, making it more addictive so that consumption is increased.  All of which is related to the bottom line making share holdings fatter which has an interesting correlation to increasing your ‘bottom’ line and making your bodily holdings fatter.

Research is emerging from many studies to confirm something that intuition, instinct and intelligence already knows, when you grow food with toxic chemicals and synthetic fertilizers that dismally fail to mimic the nutrient profiles in healthy soil that subsequently, there are far less nutrients in the plants that are produced. Phytochemicals are naturally occurring plant compounds which are present in the colours and flavours of plants. They’re some of natures most powerful protective properties against disease that we know of,   when you ingest them help protect you from disease. They are also used by the plant as a protection to repel predators, when you use a chemical pesticide on a plant, it no longer has to work to produce its own protective phytochemicals so the plant ends up providing less protective nutrients that you in turn can fight disease with.

Soil is different to dirt, healthy soil is a living ecosystem that works synergistically as a food chain cycle. A handful of healthy soil can have over 8 billion microorganisms working synergistically to provide a benefit to the plant. I’ve grown identical plants in pots of soil, one from a commercial producer and the other from my friend Costa, a Greek Australian celebrity gardener and thoroughly passionate ‘soilman’. With the exact same effort, I left them outside in pots and did not water or tend to either, the difference was striking. The chives grown in the nurtured worm & microbe rich sweet smelling soil were lush, long, thick and juicy delicious, where the ones from the commercial soil were spindly and sparse, if I’d not done the experiment myself I would have thought it was tampered with. Think about it, when pesticides that are designed to disable the nervous system of an insect thousands of times bigger than the microorganisms in the soil, what do you think it is doing to them? If the soil that is

We aren’t just what we eat, we are what we eat eats. A universal principle in building is that you get an outcome based on the quality of ingredients you use, I know it as a chef, my dish is only as good as the ingredients I procure, a simple thing as using a natural salt over a processed one can make a huge difference to the taste and impact on the body, so too, a builder worth his salt, knows that the quality of the steel and other materials he uses to build a skyscraper will contribute to the stability and ability of it to withstand pressure. From the smallest of microbes that are beyond what your eye can see, to the visible nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals, there is this incredibly complex and beautiful ecosystem that works to transfer nutrients, protective properties and energy (both caloric and electromagnetic) to our bodies. When a plant has been grown with care, knowledge, wisdom and attention, when it is grown in season or even better wild crafted the more it brings to you when you eat it.

When money is the primary motive behind food, as it is in our industrialized world, growing, processing, storing or manufacturing it, it is always compromised, I have never seen an exception to this. Money is made based on cutting corners in time and resources. Nature does not work this way and when you push the boundaries something always has to give. The give has been the quality. We may get more food but it will have less nutrients, leaving us wanting more…peckish, malnourished despite having full bellies.

When it comes to thinking we can outsmart nature, nature always wins. A universal principle that governs the physical world, is ‘what you put in, is what you get out’. When it comes to cheap food, unnaturally processed, chemically treated, genetically modified, you get exactly what you pay for.

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