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Yukon stream across the valley

Yukon stream across the valley

Not quite in the beginning but not long after the earth was formed or created there were basic elements that created everything we see today on the planet. Everything¬† you see has been formed from the elements of the earth. An intricate synergistic relationship developed amongst all species that lived off of one another, all species provided food for others in one form or another, one species waste was another’s food. Until recently in human history, there was no such thing as garbage that could not be used as food for another species. In nature it was relatively simple getting your food, rarely easy but pretty simple. Today things are very different. It is easy to get food (providing you have money) but complicated knowing what to eat.

When you wake up each morning, you are faced with options, millions of them. It seems when it comes to food choices and choices about our health each day we are faced with more decisions to make based on more information being revealed each day, studies, research, marketing based on those studies and research convincing us we cannot live without doing such and such or buying this or that.

Einstein said that ‘if you can’t explain something simply, you don’t understand it well enough.’ When people are caught up in the detail and minutiae of the micro information of food it rarely allows for the simplicity of seeing the whole in context, where from this macro level we can really see the simplicity and elegance. You don’t have to know how nature works to know that ‘Nature Works’ ore brilliantly that we can fully comprehend. Our job is to observe how to work with nature as each time we fail to respect this we create more problems than we solve.

The plethora of information around what to eat is increasing as when you break down food into its micro elements there are millions and most likely billions of things to know about it. Instead of simplifying things for us, all that data confuses us. Each discovery of information provides the means to market new or old products based on these nutrients we now need and have discovered in this food. Actually we always needed it and got it without having to think about it because it and thousands of other compounds have always been there working synergistically to provide a benefit to the body.

Eating, nutrition and wellness are not as complicated as we are led to think, in fact people with far less resources had it figured out thousands of years ago. They simply followed nature, observed the seasons and with work of searching and seeking there food appeared in season, what they needed when they needed it and if they lived in areas that did not yield food due to seasonality they simple used the elements like sun and wind or salt & honey to preserved their food for times of scarcity. I was not easy, but is was simple.

Working with nature is as simple as observation.

Yukon Galcier Stream

Fresh water from a Yukon Galcier Stream

Nature’s Principle

Nature tells us what to eat, in the quantities to eat it in by how easily it is obtained in nature. That which is most abundant we are most dependent on and require more of that that which is harder to obtain. That which is most abundant we are meant to have most of, the harder to obtain in nature the less we require of it and nature gives us stronger physiological impulses so that we are motivate to work harder for it, think fats, sugars and proteins. The last category is if you cannot find it in nature or it is not easily sourced to consume than not only do you not need it, it is most likely harmful to you and the environment. Think chemicals, minerals from deep within the earth or foods that you could not replicate in nature due to unnatural processes like those that take place in a laboratory or a complex manufacturing plant.

So how do you move from a complex system that is far from natural and nature, when you live in this culture and have been accustomed to getting your unnatural food easily to the primitive model of working for your food?

It involves thinking about food in a new way based on old ways of doing things, so a new old way, which we’ll call ‘NOW’ eating. This is the combination of eating in our new world based on what worked for thousands of years while incorporating many of the good things that have come about due to our modern evolution. It is about finding the balance between what has worked traditionally in the past based on how we work as a species with other species based on nature and conserving resources for future generations. The way we are living in Western nations according the WWF Living Planet report, if China who is developing a taste for the way we live, if they want to live like Europeans, it will require 3 planets of resources and if they’d like to live like Americans it will require 5 (and some say 6) planets of resources. How can we say live like we say and not as we do?

So eating NOW is about using the best bits of modern resources to eat the way we did in traditional (old) cultures that had little to no incidence of lifestyle diseases. Simple, yes. Easy, no. Keep in mind that easy does not equal happiness. Saying that it doesn’t have to be hard, there is a difference between hard and effort or exertion. This website is dedicated to helping you understand how to work with nature and make it work for you by simplifying eating, putting in the effort where it makes the most impact for your body, your pocketbook, your future and your planet.

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