Jiivala is a place where those inspired by holistic health can go to learn how to prepare real food, make it taste great, learn how to teach others in an engaging and inspiring way and create an income from pursuing what they love. Jiivala is dedicated to bringing the healing power of nature into the home via the kitchen through the following beliefs. The most powerful tools on the planet to nourish, energize and protect the body grow from the ground and that they are most powerful at their source and that our job as a species are to figure out the wisest use and application of them.

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Jiivala Mentorship Program

The Holistic Entrepreneurship Program is a four-week intensive that will teach students to: cook holistically, speak powerfully and make money authentically. Graduates of the program will create income by developing their own products and present content for ReturntoFood.tv.
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Mentorship Program Outline

A 4 hour, 6 recipe cooking class with samples. Recipes include all organic mixture of raw, cooked vegan dishes. This is not a ‘vegetarian’ seminar but all the recipes happen to be vegan and the focus is on inspiring people to eat a broader base of plant foods.

Program Application

The premise of this course is that Nature dictates what and how we are meant to eat. Understanding this provides context for the deluge of nutritional information while decoding the discord amongst authorities, theorists and gurus in the nutritional space.

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The Jiivala Blog has regular updates on the Jiivala Mentorship Program plus events and updates from the pen of Sherry Strong. You can also subscribe to our blog and follow us on our Social Networks.
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Graduates of the Jiivala Holistic Entrepreneurship Program

Sherry is a person of great and astounding warmth, integrity, insight, depth and humour. As a teacher and human being, she illuminates and is illuminating. She challenged me to step so far out of my comfort zone without me fully and truly realizing that I was doing it.

Kathleen Cabral

So much has changed in my life and continues to change, since I took the Jiivala Entrepreneurship Program. I didn’t really have any expectations as to what exactly I was going to get from the program besides cooking skills and business ideas. I got these things and so much more

Melanie Emlyn

To me, Jiivala is a program that is designed to inspire true and honest self-discovery within a supportive and motivational environment. The idea behind Jiivala is to attract business savvy and life thirsty individuals who have the means and drive to create an attractive life filled with passion.

Chloe Elgar

Jiivala to me was all about finding who I am. Before Jiivala I had no direction, I was attending school all the while feeling completely lost with no future in sight. Jiivala gave me that direction and soon became the backbone to my dreams.

Erin Hunt

Inspirational – Is what comes to mind when I think about Sherry. She takes the confusion out of nutrition thanks to her philosophies like ’Nature’s Principle’. This concept simplified all the conflicting views on nutrition I learned and now I feel confident to explain nutrition to my clients.

Carmen Dunn

I originally took the program for the cooking, thinking the business portion was just something I’d have to endure. I quickly realized, however, it was quite the opposite. For the first time in my life, I was excited by the prospect of turning my passion for writing into a career. In one sentence, Sherry Strong not only educates, she empowers.

Marcie Larson-Fossen

Before the Jiivala Holistic Entrepreneur Program I was thinking that ‘I am 66 years old’ – Since the program I have been thinking ‘I am only 66 years old!’. I am waking up each day filled with the excitement and energy to accomplish the buried dreams that were reawakened in the program.

Jan Erickson

Taking a holistic cooking class with Sherry Strong was a thoroughly enjoyable and impressionable experience. She is able to frame concepts in a manner that really allowed me to understand the issue at the root of the matter.

Nikoo Bourmand

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